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Genie - The Life & Recollections of Eugenie Clark

£15.00 ($ 25.50)
    Genie: The Life and Recollections of Eugenie Clark goes a step beyond in the realm of biographies, bringing Dr Jose I. Castro's close friendship with Eugenie Clark to life in an inspired posthumous recollection of intimate stories of Genie's life and work. Clark, nicknamed 'Shark Lady' for her groundbreaking studies of sharks and her efforts to protect them, explored and studied the underwater world from the Caribbean to the Red Sea, from the surface of the ocean to its depths in submarines, and in doing so has inspired generations of marine biologists, conservationists and divers worldwide. Clak's discoveries were made accessible to the general public through her two books, Lady with a Spear and The Lady and the Sharks, as well as articles in National Geographic and other popular magazines.

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